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About holding International Scientific and Practical Congress and IAC Coordinative Advisory Aeromedical Council

On May 16-18, 2023, the 11th International Scientific and Practical Congress of the Association of Aerospace, Marine, Extreme and Ecological Medicine of Russia and 41th Session of IAC Coordinative Advisory Aeromedical Council aimed at improving organization of medical and psycho-physiological support of experts of transport complex of Russia and Commonwealth States was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) in order to extend their professional logevity and accident-free operation. 

The main task of the Forum is to consolidate the efforts of the professional community, legislative and oversight authorities of the Commonwealth States in developing a unified concept of the organization of a set of measures of medical, psychophysiological support, the use of regulated scientifically based methods of professional training and rehabilitation, the development of the abilities and psycho-emotional resilience of extreme professions specialists for safe operation of the transport system.

Representatives of ministries and organizations of the healthcare system and of the transport sector of the majority of Commonwealth States discussed the development of cooperation in the field of medical and psychological support and occupational safety of persons in dangerous professions.

At the opening of the Forum the IAC Chairperson emphasized the importance of professional health, safety of the specialists' activities in stable functioning of enterprises of aviation and entire transport system of the CIS States. 

In the course of the work, special attention was paid to the need to consolidate specialists engaged in studying and ensuring activities in related potentially dangerous industries in Russia and the Commonwealth States, to develop a system approach based on the comprehensive physiological and psychological capabilities of a specialist in the management of complex technical systems. The participants outlined ways of solving the problems of coordination and harmonization of interstate and interdepartmental cooperation in matters of medical and psychophysiological support, development of human resources and educational activities.

The participants were informed about new developments and requirements in the field of clinical medicine, medical expertise and rehabilitation treatment for extreme professions.