Interstate Aviation Committee

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was established in December 1991 on the basis of the interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace (Agreement) concluded between 12 newly independent states (NIS) in order to maintain aviation regulations, airworthiness standards, unified system of aeronautical equipment certification and its manufacture, international categorized aerodromes and their equipment, independent accident investigation, coordination of civil aviation development and harmonization of national programs of ATM systems development.

The IAC is intended to ensure safe and orderly development of civil aviation and efficient use of air space of contracting states of the Agreement.

The IAC operates on the basis and in full compliance with international legislation and national legislation of contracting states of the Agreement who delegated the authority in accordance with Presidential decrees, Government resolutions and other legislative acts.

In accordance with provisions of Chicago Convention on international civil aviation and Procedures of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) the Agreement and Regulation on the IAC are registered in the ICAO in 1992 and the IAC is included in the list of intergovernmental organizations.

The IAC concluded agreements on collaboration with many foreign states and international organizations – ICAO, EASA, IATA, IFALPA, IPA CIS, EurAsEC and others. The IAC signed International Agreements in the field of airworthiness and accident investigation with many leading aviation states.

The IAC is the member of the International Transport Safety Association (ITSA). The IAC headquarters is located in Moscow where its activity is ensured in accordance with the Law ratified by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Air Code.